Obtaining a license to operate

Acquiring the appropriate licenses is a prerequisite to any successful business venture.We offer in-depth knowledge about relevant regulations and verify operational compliance as an independent third party. This allows our clients to develop their businesses in compliance with local and international regulations and to obtain and renew operational licenses issued by public authorities.

Facilitating trade

Companies wishing to trade internationally rely on independent third parties to verify that the goods exchanged meet contractual stipulations related to quality, quantity and conformity. Our services allow clients to trade confidently.

Accessing global markets

We check that goods and services comply with national and supranational regulations, allowing organizations to overcome trade barriers and access manufacturing and distribution markets around the globe, while reducing their time to market.

Minimizing risks

We identify and mitigate risks associated with quality, revenue and cost, with the environmental and commercial responsibility.

Controlling costs

We devise cost management solutions to address a variety of market challenges, including audits to streamline production, assessments to optimize product launches and inspections to extend the useful life of manufacturing equipment.

Strengthening brands

Our independent analyses and industry expertise can prevent malfunctions before they occur and improve risk management. This helps clients preserve their most valuable asset-their reputation.